Consulting Professional, Music Lover, Wishful Writer

Levi Palmer can't stand wasting time with technology. He'd rather not be at his computer, so he works hard and works smart to make technology work for him -- and for you. If your project needs a cross between a customer-focused method actor and an experienced technologist, let's get in touch. 

The best way to reach Levi is via a LinkedIn message. 

Professional Experience

All jokes aside, Levi has done some things. Those things include, in no particular order: 

Musical Experience

While Levi needs to charge his Airpods everyday because he has a soundtrack for each daily activity, his real musical interest is in live performance. Levi is thankful to have had the opportunity to: 

In addition to playing guitar and bass, Levi spends a lot of time thinking about how to make playing jazz guitar easier. In a quarantine-fueled daze, he organized all of his thoughts into the PDF, Jazz Guitar Drop 2 Voicings and Scale Shapes, which you can find on this site. 

Writing Experience

Over a series of 50+ newsletters, Levi wrote on topics from the lack of free will to children's television. There is a plan to bring The Palmer Press back to life both as a biweekly series and as a full-fledged site with a repository of past writing, but it is on the back-burner until Levi finishes his MBA and re-integrates into the real world. Check out the slightly-out-of-date site and subscribe so you can be one of the first to know when the writing restarts! 

Fortunately, writing didn't come to a complete stop during the MBA. In addition to trying too hard on essays, Levi updated several of the cases for Columbia's Core Strategy course, as well as authored a brand new case on stakeholder management through the lens of the Amazon HQ2 expansion.