Selected Past Projects 

Local Delivery Go-To-Market

When DoorDash and Meta partnered to offer local delivery of purchases made on Facebook Marketplace, Levi was in the background defining the growth plan for DoorDash. While Uber might need to manage a 2-sided marketplace (riders and drivers) and DoorDash usually has a 3-sided one (drivers, restaurants, and end customers), Levi was planning product changes, pricing, and marketing for a 4-sided marketplace: drivers, buyers, sellers, and Facebook Marketplace itself. 

Levi drove product-specific recommendations for Meta and other merchants and also led some other totally-out-of-comfort-zone initiatives like influencer marketing and direct seller interviews. 

API-Led Architecture

A waste management company grew by acquisition until it had 200+ information systems across the business. Levi had the fortunate position of trying to integrate the data as the business went through a full digital transformation and migration to a (smaller footprint?) of only 50 different systems. 

As a part of the transformation, Levi touched every functional area and not only defined a large part of the final APIs, but also spent 4 weeks in India designing a custom API monitoring solution that brought the power of clear error definitions and even API retries to non-technical users. 

HR Data Integration

When two very large U.S. based airlines merged, they needed a new HR system to help integrate all of their current employees as well as manage their hundreds of thousands of retirees and past employees for benefits purposes. Levi led data validation efforts, working seamlessly with both Deloitte and a third-party consulting firm to improve data quality from sub-20% to over 80% in a single mock cut-over cycle. 

Levi's data validation tool became a source of truth for the client and he became an expert in all things data transformation. 

Non-Profit Service Expansion

When one of the largest economic development corporations wanted to explore expanding it's local services, Levi led a small team in understanding the total addressable market for each new service and the viability of expansion. 

In addition to forecasting market potential, Levi and team also built out operating models for the service expansions and worked through an economic leakage study to identify other gaps in community services going forward.